Our Giving Society

In 2008, NBACL launched its first ever multiple‐year giving society, the ChangeMaker Society where people and/or organizations donate $1000 a year or more for five years. NBACL would like to extend a special “Thank You!” to our ChangeMaker Society members. For the past few years the following people have made significant contributions in support of the work we do for children and adults with an intellectual disability and their families:

Andrea Allen
Ann Sherman
Austin Drisdelle
Barbara Ramsay
Brian & Denise Johnson (Kingswood)
Cannon’s Cross Pub
Carolyn & Gordon Porter
Catherine Morris
Chris Diduch
Claude Francoeur
Colette & Brad Wasson
Cormier Family
Danny Soucy
David & Rhonda Alward
Dean Mullin
Debbie Northrup
Dixie Mitchell
Doug MacDonald
Doug Willms & Ann Manuel
Dwight & Fay Fraser
Ed Carten & Francine Comeau
Elaine Colter
Eugene Hill
Fredericton Inn
Freedom 55 Financial, a division of London Life Insurance Company
Gary & Christine Chase
Gary Waite & Kate Hayward
Hatheway Family Foundation
Jack & Ann Passmore
Jack Carr
Jeff White
Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals
Jim Yerxa (Madrus Holdings)
Joanne Kraftcheck
John Waite
Joy Bacon
Karen MacDonald
Ken Pike
Krista & Jody Carr
Leola & Steven Langille
Lincoln Thompson
Lorraine Silliphant
Marty & Colleen Hood
Maynard Shore
McInnes Cooper
Mike Haggerty
Moira Wilson
New Brunswick Branches of United Rentals
New Brunswick Nurses Union
New Brunswick Union of Public and Private Employees
Office Interiors
Paul & Sue Morrison
Paul & Tracey Smyth
Paul Mansz & Pattie McKerral
Richard Smith
Rob Ricketts, Fredericton Volkswagen
Ross & Krista Galbraith
Roxanne Tarjan
Snooty Fox
Steve Belyea, Base Engineering Inc.
Tammy & Terry Gallant
Teresa Hatto
Troy & Elizabeth Kearns
Value Village

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