Employment Opportunities

The New Brunswick Association for Community Living seeks dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic individuals committed to the vision, values and philosophy of inclusion.

Staff Testimonials

“I wasn’t looking for just any job. I was looking for a job that matched my values and one that made a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. I had specific criteria: I wanted to work with an organization that would challenge me, empower me and value me. NBACL cares about providing a solid work/life balance, has fantastic communication with staff and works to build a positive workplace culture. There are multiple opportunities for gaining new knowledge and skills. The leadership team is open, transparent and shares the mission and vision of the organization effectively and consistently. This is why NBACL was, and continues to be, the employer of choice for me.”
– Wayne Cleary, Transition to Work

“The work environment and support at NBACL is second to none. This organization not only cares greatly about making change and providing top notch support to our community, but also to the very people that make up the organisation: the staff. It is refreshing to have an employer that not only believes in employee development and wellness, but encourages it! When people ask me what I do for work, I am proud to say I work at NBACL, and even more happy to discuss the trailblazing endeavours we are up to.”
– Katie Stiles, Family Support

“NBACL commits itself to strengthening the community and put the people we support at the forefront of our work. Working at NBACL allows me to make a direct impact in the community. It provides me with a sense of purpose and belonging. I love working at NBACL; it’s a place where you can build your career, make valuable connections and makes waking up every morning a little easier because you enjoy where you work.”
– Mackenzie Stewart, Transition to Work

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