Anna Buckley- School Intervention Worker at Fairvale Elementary School

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Anna Buckley goes above and beyond for the needs of all students at Fairvale Elementary School. She sees the whole child and knows their social emotional needs are every bit as important as their academic gains. In fact, she recognizes that in order to be ready to learn, students must feel safe, connected and have the necessary skills to cope and eventually thrive in a classroom.

Anna oversees two very important initiatives at Fairvale Elementary School: Superflex and Zones of Regulation. Both of these programs aim to teach students self-regulation skills and strategies to be well regulated in order to learn. The Zones of Regulation was initially implemented with a small group of students but the results were so positive, they implemented the approach school wide.

Anna provides a safe space and a listening ear for so many. Children who are feeling overwhelmed in class because of academics, social difficulties, anxiety or other reasons are always welcome to visit her room for a short break or as an alternative workplace, where they are encouraged to use any of the fidgets and calming tools which are readily available. Her room is often overflowing with students who want to share how well their day is going, or who need a boost of encouragement from her. Kids who have had very little success with managing their behaviour in the past have success with Anna. She wants all students to succeed, and they know it.

The significant decrease in negative behaviours and increase in positive behaviours observed among the students can be attributed specifically to Anna, helping a student to regain composure by supporting them during a visit to her room, which can be visited by all students.

Anna is also overseeing the creation of a sensory path around the school library for the benefit of all students.

Anna is an integral member of the Education Support Services Team and Core Leadership Team. She is incredibly proactive and is always looking for a better way to do things.

She runs social skills groups to allow students to successfully navigate challenging social situations with their peers. Anna also consults and collaborates with teachers who have a child in their classroom that may require additional support. She also founded and organizes the Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentorship program which is a partnership with Rothesay Netherwoods School aimed at developing self-esteem, confidence, and resiliency in students at Fairvale School.

Anna is so much more than a School Intervention Worker. She is a champion for all of the students, but in particular for the students who need that safe person to connect with and talk to. She builds trusting relationships with the staff, who always know they can go to Anna for support and advice.

Anna goes above and beyond for the students, working diligently at building positive relationships and mutual respect between all members of the school community.

In her letter of nomination, Principal Bonnie Hierlihy wrote Anna’s commitment to inclusion is impressive, and does not go unnoticed. She always has the best interest of children at heart, and I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of recognition than her. She is an absolute gem and we are honoured to have her on our team supporting the needs of the students at Fairvale Elementary School.

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