Carol-Ann Haggarty, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2021

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Carol-Ann Haggarty

Carol-Ann Haggarty, resource teacher at Simonds High School in Saint John, works to ensure all students are part of an unconditionally accepting educational environment. By looking at students for their abilities, she has seamlessly built a strong inclusive atmosphere within the school that welcomes all with dignity and respect. Carol-Ann is a strong advocate for students with a disability at her school and ensures there is a culture of inclusion felt by staff, students, and families.

One of the most important skills students learn from Carol-Ann is the development of their independence. Carol-Ann presents the best resources available to students, ensuring everyone is reaching their full potential. She provides a wealth of knowledge and is open to new ideas, especially within disability support programs. Carol-Ann works closely with students and their families to start transition planning early and ensures that students have clear goals for community life after graduation.

“In almost every Transition meeting, parents praise Carol-Ann for the support she gives both the students and families,” says Madison Arsenault, NBACL Transition Facilitator. 

Despite the restrictions and challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented to the school and its students, Carol-Ann has proven herself an exemplar of inclusivity. She works tirelessly to set her students up for success.

Carol-Ann helps students create a balance between their commitments while participating within their school and community. Everyday, students at Simonds High School benefit from the inclusive education environment Carol-Ann has created, supporting students to become successful members within their community.

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