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Sarah Dobbelsteyn and Kimberlee Dixon, National Inclusive Education Award Recipients for 2021

Sarah Dobbelsteyn and Kimberlee Dixon, lead educator and administrator, respectively, of Seawood Early Childcare Centre, have created an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes all children.


New Maryland Elementary School Staff, National Inclusive Education Award Recipients for 2021

Building an inclusive learning environment is a team effort at New Maryland Elementary School. And in the case of one student and his mother Rachelle, the team of Melissa Garrett (teacher), Tom Patterson (guidance), and Elise Deering (resource teacher) has made all the difference.


Tara McNeill, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2021

Where others would see obstacles, Tara sees opportunities. She’s focused on “making it happen” and sees her students for what they can do, rather than for what they can’t.


Heidi MacDonald, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2021

Heidi MacDonald, Somerset Preschool Director, welcomes the children at her childcare centre into a supportive learning environment that caters to each individual.


Carol-Ann Haggarty, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2021

Carol-Ann Haggarty, resource teacher at Simonds High School in Saint John, works to ensure all students are part of an unconditionally accepting educational environment.


Pauline Cormier, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2021

As a resource teacher at École Anna-Malenfant in Dieppe, Pauline Cormier supports teachers to include all students in the classroom among their peers.


National Inclusive Education Awards 2021

On behalf of Inclusion Canada (formerly the Canadian Association for Community Living), the New Brunswick Association for Community Living is issuing a call for nominations for the National Inclusive Education Awards.

The awards are presented to an individual or team who has made a positive and significant contribution to inclusive education within the early learning, K-12,  and post-secondary systems in their province or territory. The award presentations are part of the activities planned for National Inclusive Education Month, which will be held in April 2021.


Give the Gift of Opportunity this Holiday Season

Mohamed Ragab and his family were among those for whom COVID-19 nearly led to a crisis.


Briefing Note for Political Parties – 2020 New Brunswick Election

In preparation for the 2020 provincial election, NBACL/ANBIC is asking all political parties to adopt platform commitments to support the full inclusion of people with an intellectual or developmental disability in our communities.


How to vote in a provincial election

To make voting as accessible and convenient as possible, Elections NB offers several different ways to cast your vote.


At Home – Activities and Resources During COVID-19

NBACL is happy to offer a list of engaging activities and resources (for all ages) to keep parents/guardians and their children learning and having fun during their time away from school. Click here


You’re invited to attend our virtual Annual General Meeting!

Save the date for the 2020 NBACL AGM!


Statement on Web Accessibility

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