Community Living Commentary – “The Incidental Influence of John Ross Matheson”

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CACL is pleased to be launching ‘Community Living Commentary.’ Community Living Commentary is an online publication, released from time to time, to share different perspectives and new insights on the community living movement – our history, people who shape it, our successes and challenges we face ahead.

To launch this series, we are honoured to present reflections on the legacy of The Honourable John Ross Matheson, lawyer, judge and politician who has helped to shape Canada. John Ross Matheson had a profound impact on the community living movement through his landmark judgment in Clark v. Clark . Authors Audrey Cole and Melanie Panitch were present at the historical trial, share their reflections on the lessons learned from Judge Matheson, and the lasting effect of his character, commitment and understanding on our movement and their lives of our loved ones.

To learn more, you can read the full commentary by clicking the following link

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