Denise Carroll, instructor Human Services Program, NBCC Miramichi

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Denise Carroll has been an instructor in the Human Services program at NBCC since 2006. She is a well-respected instructor with a positive attitude and willingness to find ways to promote and support inclusion at NBCC. Denise is extremely supportive of all students; often going above and beyond to make sure that each student is not only well- included within the classroom, but that they also have the supports they need to be successful. Denise diligently works with the support service teams to ensure all students’ individual learning styles and preferences are met. Her student feedback reflects the positive environment she creates.

One student in 2018 wrote the following:
“Denise Carroll is an amazing teacher. I feel very fortunate to have known her and have had her as my teacher. She goes above and beyond, and believes in her students. She is a great human being, and I’m a better person because of her.”

Denise often has a student from NBCC’s Special Admissions program in her classes. She ensures all students are welcomed, feel a sense of belonging, and have opportunities to successfully contribute and learn. Denise is always willing to explore and accept different approaches to teaching and learning in order to help students succeed. She sees more than just students; she sees the potential students have and the skills and strengths they can contribute to the workforce and their community. Not only is she kind, patient, and understanding; but she is person centred and develops educational programs to support each student’s skill development and overall learning.

Denise has made it a priority to ensure all students succeed and continue to grow and enhance their knowledge in their chosen program. She is passionate and committed to helping students overcome barriers and access supports needed to accomplish their goals.

Denise is a team player and encourages collaborative educational opportunities with other programs on campus. This approach is greatly respected by both her colleagues and her peers in the field. Denise is person centred and has an aptitude to make strong community partnerships, this is reflected in her ability to find practicum placements that meet students individual strengths.

In her letter of nomination, Heather Fowler wrote that, for as long as she has known her, Denise has consistently shown commitment and passion for inclusive education that is both demonstrated in her teaching and emulated in the students that go on into the Human Services field. As a role model, she exhibits a compassion and understanding for inclusivity that goes above and beyond most people, treating everyone she encounters with dignity and respect.

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