Leading Change in your Community

Presented by Al Condeluci, Ph.D.

Fredericton Inn     May 12, 2017    |   9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
English Session

Who Should Attend?

. In this one day workshop, Dr. Al Condeluci will provide ideas and practical take-aways on how to connect socially isolated individuals to members of their community.

Workshop Details:

Social isolation is a problem in all communities. With New Brunswick’s aging population and high rate of disability, it is important that community service providers develop effective strategies to connect socially isolated individuals to members of their community.

That’s where friends come in. Friends support each other, guide each other, share, and often give each other good doses of reality, or even criticism. First and foremost, though, true friends are always there for each other as they strive to be happy, secure and successful.

Friendship is part of what is called our “social capital,” the foundation of our lives that keeps us grounded, motivated, involved and included in the various communities that surround us.

Some people have more difficulty making friends than others, and as a result may become lonely, isolated and excluded. This workshop will discuss difference, disability and aging and how it can affect friendship, and will guide participants through the key steps to developing friendships, including how friendships can be better developed over time to build more inclusive communities. Participants will also develop an understanding of the key elements of social capital, and how fostering interdependence contributes to independence.

Dr. Condeluci has been an advocate and catalyst for building community capacities and understanding culture since 1970. Based in Pennsylvania, he has worked as an attendant, caseworker, advocate, planner, program director and now, CEO of his organization, Community Living and Support Services (CLASS). CLASS has created a family of corporations and is dedicated to its mission – working toward a community where each person belongs.  Dr. Condeluci has emerged as a national leader and consultant on human services and community issues.

To Register Please Contact:  Rebecca Pilson, Planning and IT Coordinator
Direct: 506.453.8635    Toll Free:  866.622.2548 (#2)  email: rpilson@nbacl.nb.ca

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Hosted by New Brunswick Association for Community Living

Registration Cost : $150
Workshop includes lunch and nutrition breaks.

Space is limited so please register early to secure your spot!

No refunds provided with cancellation; substitutions will be allowed.

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