FREE Information Session – Benefits and Roles of Community Members: Establishing Personal Support Networks for Senior Parents of Children with a Disability

Whether it’s gathering with friends, meeting new people, forming rewarding relationships, or pursuing other interests, community participation is a vital part of our overall health and wellbeing. For senior parents of adults with a disability, maintaining community connections can be challenging, but with good planning and a good network, it is possible to live a fulfilling life while meeting the needs of family members.

This is information session is for:
• Seniors who wish to provide peer support to seniors experiencing social isolation
• Volunteer community members who wish to pay a role in a personal support networks for senior parents of children with a disability

Hear Irma Penner, a local senior parent, tell her family story of how a network of support makes it possible for her and her husband, Peter to live a good life while caring for their adult daughter and learn how you can support those who are lacking those important human connections. You will also learn how you can be part of reducing isolation faced by senior parents of children with a disability. We will share findings from research that was recently conducted on different models of personal support networks and the importance of establishing connections and networks with other seniors.

About Irma Penner
Irma Penner has been an active member of the Community Living movement for many years. Irma and her husband Peter are published authors and members of the Seniors United Network (SUN NB) a support group of senior parents of sons and daughters with an intellectual disability. Irma is also an active board member of the Fredericton Association for Community Living.

NBACL is a charitable, non-profit organization, which works with and on behalf of children with an intellectual disability across the lifespan. NBACL works to ensure that people with an intellectual disability have the opportunities and supports necessary to live a quality of life that is on par with people who do not have a disability. We also provide information and supports to families through all ages and stages of life, from early childhood to late adulthood.

Please RSVP!
There is no cost to attend the session

To Rsvp, Please Contact:
Elizabeth Kearns, Manager of Family Support
Email:         Call: 453-4400

*This session is available in English only.
Funded by the Government of Canada’s “New Horizons for Seniors Program”

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