NBACL 101 Information Sessions- Fredericton

Often when people hear ‘Community Living’, they think of the phone calls they receive asking for clothing donations. What so many do not realize is that what they put out on the porch for pickup supports local children, youth and adults who have an intellectual or developmental disability and their families as they strive to live an ordinary life.

To help spread the word, NBACL regularly hosts one hour-long information sessions to help raise awareness about our organization-we do so much more than pick up clothes! These information sessions are essentially a tour of our mission during which we inform guests about how the organization was created, the programs we provide, and our vision for the future.

These information sessions include a few stories from people we have supported in the recent past, along with some of the goals we’ve set for ourselves and our community. The purpose of each information session is to provide a unique method for people in the community to hear more about our organization and to raise awareness at the same time. Many have said the session is inspiring, informative, and also very though-provoking. It’s not a fundraising event, so there will be no ask for money – we simply want to share what we do!

These sessions are guaranteed to last one hour only, although we are always available to stay behind afterward to answer questions or chat about our work.

Our first session is on November 14 and our second session is on December 10.

These two sessions will take place in our Fredericton office from 12-1 pm.

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