SEXCESS! Workshop begins Tuesday… tomorrow!

Supporting Individuals With An Intellectual Disability In Achieving Healthy Sexuality And Relationships

Presented by Danny Soucy | NBACL
Date: March 22 & 23, 2016 | Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (both days)
Location: Fredericton Inn | Salon E | 1315 Regent Street, Fredericton

Do you deal with issues and provide information about sexuality and healthy relationships to people with an intellectual disability?
Do you want to learn innovative ways to approach the topic of sexuality?
Do you support someone who needs assistance with a particular challenge related to sexuality and healthy relationships?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then this training is for you!

We are all sexual beings; however, there is often an uneasiness discussing sexuality, particularly as it relates to persons with an intellectual disability. We all need relationships and support, however, persons with an intellectual disability often experience significant social isolation.

SEXCESS! is a 2 day training designed to give you real-life tools to support an individual in achieving healthy sexuality and in developing positive relationships.

Participants will explore three key themes:

• Relating to Myself • Relating to Others: Building Healthy Relationships
• Exploring Boundaries, Trust and Ways to Keep Safe

And will take an in-depth look at:
• Sexuality • Puberty • Public And Private Spaces • Establishing Boundaries • Abuse Prevention

Whether it is self-esteem, privacy, or healthy relationships, this training will cover a variety of tools and activities that you can use with individuals to support them through their personal growth. It will be an interactive, informative, and fun-filled two days!

This workshop will be presented by Danny Soucy. Danny has spent most of his career working on behalf of persons with disabilities. His experience includes Director and Community Liaison Officer at Camp Rotary and Executive Director of the Grand Falls Association for Community Living. Danny has volunteered on numerous provincial and national committees on behalf of children and adults with an intellectual disability. Danny is also a parent to an adult son with a disability.

To register please contact:
Rebecca Pilson, Planning and IT Coordinator
(506) 453-8635 or (866) 622-2548 (toll free), option #2
or by emailing

Registration Cost: $300 Workshop includes lunch, nutrition breaks and resources.

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Registration deadline is March 15, 2016
Space is limited so please register early to secure your spot!
No cancellations or refunds after registration closes; substitutions will be allowed.

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