Webinar – Supporting People with an Intellectual Disability to Develop Friendships and Relationships

For some people with disabilities making friends and developing relationships outside of the home can be more difficult. It is sometimes necessary to find ways to help your child to develop relationships with others.

Supporting people with an intellectual disability to develop friendships and relationships is a complex issue that involves many different considerations including:
ensuring that relationships are healthy; identifying ways to learn about “social boundaries” and what is or is not acceptable in relationships; and finding ways to develop friendships in a world that still sees differences between people with and without disabilities.

This webinar will provide information, strategies and tools for:
• Helping your child to develop relationships  and friendships
• Understanding different types of relationships
• Learning more about social and relationship  “boundaries”

This webinar will be presented by Danny Soucy. Danny has spent most of his career working on behalf of persons with disabilities. His experience includes Director and Community Liaison Officer at Camp Rotary and Executive Director of the Grand Falls Association for Community Living. Danny has volunteered on numerous provincial and national committees on behalf of children and adults with an intellectual disability. Danny is also a parent to an adult son with a disability.

To register please contact:

Rebecca Pilson, Planning and IT Coordinator
(506) 453-8635 or (866) 622-2548 (toll free), option #2
or by emailing rpilson@nbacl.nb.ca

* Free * There is no cost to attend

Space is limited so please register to secure your spot!

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