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Today is Giving Tuesday and the beginning of our holiday fundraising appeal, and we need your help.

As we navigate the fourth wave of COVID-19, the pandemic continues to emphasize the why behind our work. Over the past year, individuals we’ve supported have had an immediate need for inclusive housing, mental health support, accessibility supports, access to essential funding, and more.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen many reasons why our work is essential:

  • Adults who move out of isolating group homes into their own homes in the community
  • New graduates who exit high school feeling confident and supported about what lies ahead
  • Families who have their basic needs met and help to handle crisis situations
  • Community connections and belonging for people who previously felt isolated and alone
  • Support to handle the unpredictability, anxiety, and loneliness of the pandemic, lockdowns, and circuit-breakers

These reasons, and more, are why we continue to work to build strong, inclusive communities where everyone is valued and respected. We know how great our province can truly be when all people are provided opportunities to reach their full potential. We believe firmly that all people can contribute to their communities, and that’s why we’re working to make a change.

You can bring Daily Change to New Brunswickers with an intellectual or developmental disability and their families. With your support, we can build brighter futures for people like Cheryl.

Prior to meeting NBACL, Cheryl had spent over four years living in a special care home with nine men and no other women. Though she didn’t require the support of the special care home, she found herself facing homelessness with no other options when her rent increased by $700.

Though the special care home saved Cheryl from homelessness, it never felt like home. As a talented artist, she longed for space to create and store her art. Then when COVID-19 arrived, she found herself socially isolated, unable to socialize or see other people in the community due to pandemic-related restrictions for special care homes.

NBACL facilitator Cecilia first met Cheryl in a public park, as Cheryl’s facility did not permit visitors or allow residents to enter community businesses. They discussed Cheryl’s goals, support needs, and what would make life meaningful for her.

“Cheryl’s goal for a home of her own wasn’t just about having her own apartment,” explained Cecilia. “It was about having a place for family and friends to visit, to make art, to do her volunteer activities for the Red Cross, and to create a sanctuary for herself.”

To reach her dream of having her own home, Cheryl needed rent subsidies, assistance from a personal support worker, mental health support, and connection to family and friends. Cecilia worked with Cheryl to develop a support plan, and collaborated with Cheryl’s social worker to advocate on Cheryl’s behalf to NB Housing for an affordable, accessible place to live. Cecilia also secured other resources to ensure Cheryl would continue to have essential supports in her own home, including mental health services and mobility aids.

Now moved into her own apartment, Cheryl is settling in well to her new home.

“Having a place of my own gives me the feeling that I have some control over the direction my life takes,” said Cheryl. “Before I found NBACL, I was absolutely lost in the system.”

Your Daily Change can create meaningful change for more people like Cheryl!

For the small sum of $1/day, you’ll provide steady, reliable funding that supports opportunities and possibilities for ALL New Brunswickers this holiday season and into the new year. Help us build rewarding, meaningful lives for the people we support. Become part of the Daily Change today.

Want to hear more stories like Cheryl’s?  Join us on December 2 from 12pm – 12:40pm for our virtual Daily Change Fundraising Event. Click here to register.

Thank you for your support.


Roxanne Tarjan
President, NBACL

P.S. By making a monthly financial commitment, you help us fill the gaps in our funding so we’re ready wherever, whenever, and however we’re needed. In fact, a recurring monthly donation is the #1 way you can create opportunities for New Brunswickers with an intellectual or developmental disability.

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