Heidi MacDonald, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2021

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Heidi MacDonald

Heidi MacDonald, Somerset Preschool Director, welcomes the children at her childcare centre into a supportive learning environment that caters to each individual. 

In caring for children, Heidi considers whether the supports and resources in place suit the child, rather than if the child is suited for the environment. She also considers which educator best fits the child, whether the child’s environment effectively supports them, and whether the curriculum focuses on the child’s strengths and respects the varying levels of learning within the centre.

Heidi and her staff have a growth mindset; they always strive to learn something new. She has strong connections within the community that she turns to when needed. Heidi is an excellent communicator and ensures everyone is connected and on the same page.

The success of Heidi’s educators is also important to her. Inclusion is not just a policy within her centre, but rather a core value, and she works each day to ensure she is supporting her staff with quality inclusive practices.

Heidi consistently checks on the well-being of her staff, children and families to ensure they are supported, going above and beyond to establish belonging and respect in the centre. Heidi’s heartfelt approach to inclusivity has created a positive, accessible and inclusive educational atmosphere within Somerset Preschool. 

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