Help us get Bill C-22 passed

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Dear Partners in Inclusion:

We need your voice to complete this important work and get Bill C-22 passed.

C-22, An Act to reduce poverty and to support the financial security of persons with disabilities by establishing the Canada disability benefit and making a consequential amendment to the Income Tax Act, must be prioritized.

The timing right now it critical. We must make sure that the MP’s prioritize Bill C-22 in the House and deal with the amendments as quickly as possible so that the bill can go back to the Senate for final consideration and Royal Assent.

Parliament will be rising for its summer recess on June 23rd. It is critical that this legislation receives Royal Assent before this.

The best way to support our efforts at this point is to reach out to your MP to express the urgency of prioritize the debate and consideration of the legislation quickly, and advocate for Bill C-22 to receive Royal Assent before parliament rises for the summer recess.  We are once again reaching out to all of you to work your networks and have our community engaged and contacting MPs.

  • A new template letter can be found at this link  >> C-22 – MP English Letter Please feel free to use, modified or personalized and send to your local MP (or regional MPs).  It doesn’t matter what particular political party stripe they are.  They all have some influence as we are in a minority government situation and every MP and vote counts.  The more MPs that hear from us about this the better.

We thank you all for your continued advocacy and support. 

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