Cash for Clothes

Cash for Clothes is NBACL’s fundraising program for community groups across New Brunswick. This program is creating new ways to fundraise without asking for money or selling anything!

How it Works

Promote your local cause and collect as many bags of clothing as possible. NBACL will compensate you for the amount of bags you collect. The more bags you collect the more money you raise!

Think About It

You are asking for items that people no longer need, supporting a local nonprofit organization, reducing your community’s environmental impact and raising funds for your communities cause. This creates a powerful incentive for people to donate and support. It’s a win-win for everyone!


When you host a clothing drive with NBACL you are supporting local New Brunswickers (children and adults) with an intellectual disability, you are reducing the amount of waste in landfills and supporting a cause of your choice, like your band or sports team!

Last year’s style, that ugly sweater, old shoes, boots and coats. Blankets, linens, drapes, towels, you name it we need it!

Get Started

To get started, download the Cash for Clothes Fundraising Guide here:
Cash for clothes – Fundraising Guide

For more information, contact the Community Collection Program, toll free at: 1-866-622-2548, or email:

Cash for Clothes Success Stories

By participating in our Cash for Clothes campaign, you can create a ripple effect of giving. Here are some groups who have benefited from the program.

“Working with NBACL allowed the advisors at Sun Life to host a successful office clothing drive. The drive was not only successful but it allowed us to clear out and make space in our homes and have an easy drop off for the office.“ – Cody Hobart, Financial Advisor, Sun life Financial

“We picked the clothing drive because there was no start-up cost or over-head, it was 100% profit. The best part it was serving two purposes; helping the boys go to out of town tournaments and at the same time giving back to their community by supporting NBACL and their mission.” – Lynn Akmens, Soccer Mom (Pizza Hut Wanderers U14 Premiership Boys Soccer Team)

“Tide Head School did an amazing job with the clothing drive and the project was very successful. In 2014, they collected over 500 bags in only 2 days of drop off (it’s important to note only 46 students attend THS). The collection process was a full school initiative, as was promoting awareness about the campaign/clothing drive in the community. All things considered, the clothing drive was a project where everyone involved came out ahead.” – Aysleigh Lefurgey—Community Schools Coordinator (Campbelton/Dalhousie/Tide Head)

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