As a non-profit organization, volunteers help us change lives and communities. Whether you are volunteering on a committee, supporting someone in your community, or lending a helping hand with a special event, all volunteers play a role in helping us to create opportunities and build inclusive communities for everyone.

From students to seniors, anyone can volunteer with NBACL. If you’re looking for ways to give back to your community, or exploring a new career path, we’ll connect you with the right volunteer opportunity so you get the most from your experience no matter where you live in New Brunswick.

How to Volunteer

If you have an hour a week, or if you are someone we can call on when we have a special project, we’ll connect you with the right opportunity. There are numerous volunteer opportunities with NBACL. These include:

  • Community Peer: Build a meaningful connection in your community. We’ll match you with an individual who shares your interests and together, you’ll spend an hour or two a week engaging in fun activities and developing essential skills. Each opportunity is unique. Find an opportunity near you:
  • NBACL Board Member: NBACL’s Board sets the direction for our organization. They prioritize and oversee the implementation of work and develop goals. Board members include people from communities throughout New Brunswick, as well as people with an intellectual or developmental disability.

  • NBACL Committee Member: NBACL’s committees meet regularly to plan and implement activities of key concern for our organization, including resource development, inclusive education, and stakeholder relations. Please contact us to learn more about current opportunities and find the committee(s) best suited to you.

  • Fundraiser Table Host: NBACL’s annual fundraising luncheon is our most significant fundraising event of the year. We need community leaders to serve as table hosts and invite people within their networks to the event.

  • Community Living Presentation Host: Our Community Living presentations help us grow and share our mission and vision with a greater audience. As a Community Living presentation host, you’ll help us share the importance of our work with your group or club.


For more information about NBACL’s Volunteer program, contact 506-453-4400.

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