How Your Donations Directly Help People in Your Community

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During Waste Reduction Week we’ve focused on the different environmental impacts the textile industry is having on our environment. We’ve been showing how re-using and donating clothing can play a role in minimalizing some of these impacts, after all a smaller demand for textiles will result in fewer produced and will spare our environment.  Globally, the number of textiles produced keeps growing and we’re holding on to them for shorter periods of time—we need to turn this around.

After you donate your clothing items to one of our Big Orange Bins (BOBs) or your donation bags are picked up from your home what happens to them? The simple answer is they immediately help a lot of people all over New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL) uses the funds raised through the Community Collection Program to create and to continue programs which support children and adults with an intellectual or developmental disability and their families. Some of the programs NBACL offers are in the areas of childcare, employment, justice, education, community inclusion, transition from school to work, recreation and leisure just to name a few.

NBACL is one of two New Brunswick charities to partner with Value Village in this project. NBACL wholesales reusable clothing and household items to Value Village and the funds generated support the work of the NBACL, benefiting your friends, family and neighbours.

If donating is something you’ve never done before, we accept a wide range of textile and small household items including:

  • Clothes and clothing accessories
  • Shoes
  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Small Appliances
  • Sporting Goods
  • Electrical Items
  • Tools
  • Jewelry

You can easily drop bags of used clothing or small household items at any of NBACL’s BOBs found in communities around the province. To find one near you, simply visit

To make donating even easier, NBACL also offers a free pick up service for donated items. Simply visit the website, fill out the “Request A Pickup” online form, and NBACL will look after this rest.
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Together we can continue the win-win partnership of helping those in our province with intellectual or developmental disabilities while reducing our environmental footprint.

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