Integrated Services Team, Carrefour Étudiant school, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2020

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Integrated Services Team, Carrefour Étudiant school, Beresford

The school’s Integrated Services team is always ready to innovate and make the necessary changes to increase the school’s inclusiveness. Personal support animals, supportive technologies, gender-neutral spaces and ongoing professional development are all ways in which the team has demonstrated its commitment to inclusion.

In cooperation with the school principal, the team works to help each student progress according to their needs, always respecting the student’s pace of learning and level of autonomy.

The team works closely with the District scolaire francophone Nord-Est and constantly asks questions, with a view to integrating their practice and helping children and the entire school community grow.

“They do a phenomenal job of providing behavioural support and they analyze strategies while making sure they always focus on the well-being of everyone involved,” says Marie-Josée Couture, inclusive education coordinator at the District scolaire francophone Nord-Est. “They also consistently take each student’s life and career goals into consideration.”

Couture adds that the team demonstrates shared leadership and extraordinary commitment to students and the school community, as well as to parents. “They’re not afraid to be bold and are constantly looking for new solutions.”

The team does not hesitate to ask for advice so as to be able to offer the best possible services. They strongly believe that every student can learn and they develop ways to foster that learning, both academically and at the community level. The team’s open-mindedness allows students to grow in different ways, thereby increasing their motivation.

The team’s leadership and commitment are also evident in the ongoing support they provide to school staff. Together, the team promotes inclusion at all levels at the school.

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