Joanne McIsaac, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2020

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Joanne McIsaac, Instructor at Western Valley Adult Learning in Woodstock

Joanne firmly believes education has the power to change lives. As a GED instructor, Joanne sees the best in everyone, helping all students to realize their potential. She is an educator who goes above and beyond, frequently working after hours on evenings and weekends to provide additional tutoring support.

Recognizing that many of her students are dealing with challenges outside the classroom, she works with each student at their own pace. Her students credit her with their success and improved confidence, and many of her students have gone on to study at NBCC. Joanne was made for a career in education – her passion for learning shines through, and her classroom welcomes all learners.

Joanne’s rewards for her work come in witnessing the successes of her students. She constantly helps students focus on what they can do and celebrates every achievement they make, whether it is success on an assignment, passing their GED or being accepted into college. She is their advocate when they apply to college, writing them letters of support highlighting their achievements and potential. Joanne has changed the lives of her students, and is proud of everyone’s achievements.

Her impact goes beyond the classroom. Joanne believes everyone has a place in society, and works hard to help them identify and achieve this. She understands that while some may have barriers in returning to school, she never allows students to give up on themselves and is happy to act as their cheerleader.

When it comes to inclusion and support for her students, Joanne is fearless, and will be their biggest advocate. She ensures all students have every chance possible to build their skills and show what they can do. Her reputation as someone who cares and works hard in supporting her students is well-known in the region, and she makes a lasting impression on her students.

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