Kelly Lawson: Entrepreneur, Photographer, ChangeMaker

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kelly lawson

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am an Occupational Therapist turned serial entrepreneur. I currently have three businesses, a photography business in which I specialize in commercial and wedding photography,, a weekend website development business in which I work with small businesses to build websites in ONE WEEKEND,, and a fashion retail business that has bricks and mortar and a proprietary clothing resale app,

Why did you choose to support NBACL and why is this important to you?
A couple of reasons. The first reason is for my OT roots. I understand wholly the impact of enabling humans to live full, meaningful lives as independently as possible. I see the impact of NBACL and the powerful role they play in augmenting the quality of life for the individuals they support and their families. I will always have a special place in my heart carved out for my OT morals. The second reason is that I always want to be giving back to my community in some way, and NBACL seemed like a great fit, especially because they generate revenue through the resale of clothes!

Why do you feel it is important for others to get to know NBACL and to support the work we do?
I believe NBACL is one of those lesser-known organizations and I truly believe the efforts made by NBACL have such a huge impact on the lives of New Brunswickers.

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ChangeMaker Society 

When NBACL launched its multiple‐year giving society, the ChangeMaker Society, we hoped it would catch on and be a big success. With over 70 active ChangeMakers now making up the Giving Society, we’re well on our way!

A ChangeMaker member is a person, family, group or business that makes an annual donation to NBACL of $1000 a year, or more, for five years. We’d like our NBACL family to get to know these ChangerMakers by profiling one in each issue of Newsbreak.

 Kelly Lawon was interviewed by Elizabeth Kearns, Development Coordinator, NBACL. 

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