Opportunity Link Module 4

Introduction and Module Overview

What is Advocacy? Why is necessary? As parents, we hope that all of our children will have opportunities to learn, grow, and reach their own potential. We want our children to have the best that life can offer them, including a good education, employment, and opportunities to make friends and be involved in a variety […]


Advocating for What?

Advocacy can be used for many purposes. Advocating for and with a loved one with a disability may: Help the person stand up for his or her individual rights (for example, the right to make decisions, the right to dream and set goals, the right to have meaningful relationships, the right to be safe, etc.). […]


Tips for Being an Effective Advocate

Becoming an effective advocate may require learning about good advocacy practices as well as having a lot of patience and perseverance. Some people are naturally better at advocacy than others. Those who tend to be better advocates are people who are not easily intimidated by difficult people or situations and who have little difficulty in […]


Other Types of Advocacy – Group Advocacy and Self Advocacy

Group Advocacy Sometimes, parents join with other families to advocate on behalf of their children with disabilities. This may happen through existing disability organizations (such as the Association for Community Living) or may happen more informally as parents decide to act together to achieve their objectives. Group advocacy can be helpful when parents identify that […]


Advocating for Job Training and Employment Opportunities

When your child becomes an adult, he or she will experience the end of their public school years. This is a time of great change for all young people, but people with disabilities often face greater challenges to enjoying real opportunities for further education or training and employment. It is very important that you and […]


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