Supporting People with Dual Diagnosis

Intellectual Disability, Mental Health and Rights-Based Approaches

Introduces definitions and historical context related to intellectual disability, mental health, advocacy and human rights. It is important for those working with individuals with ID to understand this population’s vulnerability to psychological stress and the development of mental health concerns. This module is designed to provide foundational information and knowledge regarding dual diagnosis, as well […]


Essential Communication Skills

This module is designed to introduce service providers and clinicians to elements of effective communication with people with ID. Tips and guidelines are suggested to help service providers identify adaptations to their own communication styles to accommodate potentially reduced vocabulary, general communication skills, levels of comprehension of basic information or language, or challenges in understanding […]


Assessment Processes

This module highlights assessment considerations when working with people with dual diagnosis. Contents explore models of assessment with proven effectiveness for this population, and step-by-step ways to explore mental heath concerns for people with ID. In addition, assessment practice approaches based on the Canadian Guidelines for Primary Health Providers are discussed. Open e-Book


Intervention and Treatment

This module provides an overview of key concepts and practices related to treatment and interventions for individuals with dual diagnosis. The beginning sections provide important information related to treatment access for individuals with dual diagnosis, professional preparedness and training, and key principles for guiding the treatment process. The subsequent sections provide an overview of treatment […]


Individual Planning Considerations

This module explores the nature of individual planning for people with dual diagnosis. The approach to planning is distinctly “person-centered”, and moves away from the traditional language of “treatment” or “case planning”, instead focusing on individuals and their unique strengths, needs and motivations. The module includes exploration of team-based approaches, as well as the use […]


Grief and Bereavement Supports and Interventions

This module provides an overview of the implications of grief, bereavement and loss for individuals with ID, as well as for their caregivers and service providers. Resources, informal supports and interventions are discussed, as well as tips for facilitating the grief process, and for accessing helpful services. Open e-Book


Promoting Resiliency

This module introduces the concept of resiliency and its role in strengthening individuals with dual diagnosis, their caregivers and family members. A range of resiliency practices are presented and discussed, which may be helpful in working with individuals with dual diagnosis. Open e-Book


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