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At the New Brunswick Association for Community Living, we are committed to supporting individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability overcome mental health challenges. In partnership with Bell Let’s Talk Canada, NBACL has created ‘easy read guides’ to support individuals with a disability who also have depression, anxiety, or mental wellness concerns. Although these guides are extremely helpful, we have identified this as an area that needs further support in our province. Individuals are simply not able to access the mental health support they require if they have an intellectual or developmental disability. 

NBACL is leading in the creation of opportunities for individuals with an intellectual or development disability to live full and valued lives in all aspects of society. NBACL is committed to see that individuals, regardless of their ability, have access to the proper health care. Through the work we are doing in communities throughout the province, we have found an alarming number of individuals with a dual diagnosis who cannot access the mental health support they need. 

With your help we can continue to push forward with the development of mental health supports for people with an intellectual or developmental disability. In 2019, NBACL developed the Brief on Equal Access to Mental Health Services and Well-Being for People with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability that provided concrete recommendations to the Government of New Brunswick to address this epidemic. Please take the time to learn more about our recommendations and the work NBACL is doing to support our community, and please consider making a donation to support this vital work.


Elizabeth Kearns | Senior Development Officer, Philanthropy

ekearns@nbacl.nb.ca (506) 453-4415

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