Marie-Josée Couture, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2020

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Marie-Josée Couture, Inclusive Education Coordinator at District scolaire francophone Nord-Est

Marie-Josée is a champion of inclusive education who sees the potential in all students. As Inclusive Education Coordinator at District Scolaire Francophone Nord Est, she responds to dozens of requests daily and helps teachers find solutions to enable all students to learn and be included in the school community.

In her day-to-day life, Marie-Josée shares her vision by focusing on each student’s work and potential. She goes beyond her duty to ensure that all students have a place. She is constantly looking for solutions and determined never to give up.

“Her dedication and her desire to provide her students with quality education are definitely a priority,” says Alain Bissonnette, Director of Learning for the district. “Ms. Couture is a teacher who puts students first and strives to meet each individual’s needs. From the first day of class, she sets out to create a welcoming, friendly and barrier-free environment where students are immediately stimulated and eager to learn. All students with special needs are treated as her own.”

Marie-Josée is innovative and has created a self-regulation centre in a school so that young people can remain in school while having a safe place to go to. She has been in charge of a number of files, such as adapted school transportation and specialized equipment, which have allowed her to ensure the inclusion of students with more complex needs.

Among Marie-Josée’s greatest strengths are her humanity and sensitivity. She is an inspiration, and her openness and respect for all set a compelling example for others to follow.

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