Impact Story: Matthew Brown

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At age 36, Matthew Brown has lived his adult life in special care homes. In talking with friends, he decided he wanted to find a job and, for the first time, live on his own. With the support of Inclusion New Brunswick, he’s making strides into that journey today – with an optimistic outlook and a determination to forge an independent life for himself, on his own terms.

Our team has been helping Matthew navigate the journey to independent living. Part of that has been helping Matthew apply for a rent subsidy through NB Housing so he can afford an apartment of his own. Another part has been helping Matthew prepare for this new future, so that Matthew understands what he can do, how to advocate for himself, and what he needs help with. Matthew has also been working with our team to secure a part-time job and is now employed at the local Giant Tiger.

And he can’t wait for the day he lands a rent subsidy so he can move into an apartment of his own, of his choosing.

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