Benefits of Including Workers With Intellectual Disabilities in Your Workplace

In surveys carried out in Canada and in United States, employers of people with intellectual disabilities have noted some common characteristics among these employees;

  • Work attendance is high
  • Employees are dedicated to their work
  • The turn over rate of employees with intellectual disabilities is no higher than other employees performing similar jobs.
  • Productivity and initiative is more then satisfactory.
  • People with intellectual disabilities are not usually “job hoppers”. They are loyal and hard working employees.

In addition, hiring employees with intellectual disabilities has many advantages for these individuals, including:

  • Increases independence
  • Provides opportunity to contribute and achieve
  • Develop skills, abilities and self esteem
  • Provides dignity and self respect

Lastly, hiring workers with an intellectual disability is a visible way to demonstrate business and employer commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Remember that people with disabilities in general make up about 15% of the overall population. People with disabilities and their families, friends, acquaintances are also customers and consumers.

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