Estate Planning Intro

Financial and estate planning offer opportunities to help secure the financial well-being of a loved one with a disability. This is particularly important if your family member with a disability has limited opportunities to earn a good income from employment or has little or no other sources of income.

There are many issues to consider when making financial and estate plans for your family member with a disability. This on-line module provides information on a number of important topics as well as links to other resources that may be useful. Within this site you will find information about:

The key elements of good financial planning;
The tax system, including credits, benefits and deductions relevant to people with disabilities and their families;
Registered Disability Savings Plans;
Estate planning considerations and options for a family member with a disability;
Establishing a financial trust for a loved one with a disability;
The impact of provincial social assistance laws and rules on financial and estate planning; and
Planning for a home for a family member with a disability.
The module also contains a series of family financial and estate planning scenarios that offer some guidance from a qualified financial planner and a lawyer that address the situations presented.

Readers are encouraged to review this information carefully. Please be advised that this module is not intended to provide financial planning or legal advice to address your specific situation. Consult with a qualified financial planner and legal expert for advice to develop your own financial and estate plans.

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