Not Just Talk- Easy Read Guides on Mental Health

Not Just Talk: Tools for Supporting Youth and Adults who have an Intellectual or Developmental Disability and Mental Health Issue is a series of three Easy-Read modules for persons, including those with an intellectual or developmental disability who wish to learn about mental health and mental wellness. The three modules focus on addressing Anxiety, exploring Depression and targeting Mental Wellness and can be used with or without support of someone like a friend or family member.

Within the past decade there have been many changes in the health care field regarding individuals living with a dual diagnosis of mental health and intellectual or developmental disability. Specialized caregivers and support workers provide services, for the most part. However, there may be times when family members and volunteers step in to provide support and guidance to an individual who has an intellectual or developmental disability and a mental health concern. This resource seeks to provide some guidance for those supporting individuals living with a dual diagnosis.

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