Workplace Orientation for New Employees

A good introduction to the workplace can help new employees more easily adjust to working at their new jobs and create a greater sense of community among employees. The initial introduction of a new employee into the work place is an ordinary occurrence in most businesses. There should be no more “fan fare” for the employee with an intellectual disability and for any other new employee.

Introduce a new employee to others in the workplace. Give him or her a chance to interact with others, learn names, and feel welcome as a member of the staff.

In general, an effective orientation should provide:

  • Information about policies and operating procedures so that new employees can function knowledgeably in their work situations;
  • Instruction and practice on safety and emergency procedures. These may include some accommodations in the form of picture signs and the reinforcement of safety and emergency procedures;
  • Information on benefits;
  • A visit to the lunchroom and restrooms, as well as the location of any supplies that the person may need to access;
  • A demonstration on how to operate any equipment that the person will need to use to perform his or her job duties; and
  • Information about any social activities that may take place with a welcome for the new employee to participate.

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