NBACL is celebrating over 60 years of support from volunteers across New Brunswick!

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Even before NBACL was officially established  in April, 1957, hands were raised when the call went out and many volunteers became involved in the community living movement in their home towns. They helped their local associations by raising money or donating time, to provide schooling and care for children who had an intellectual disability. Now, 60 years later, volunteers still play a crucial role in our success. From Board members, to self advocates who lend a hand in our offices, to those who reach out and share their time to include someone who needs a friend, NBACL has over 50 people in its ranks of volunteers.

To those amazing, wonderful people whose many hands make our work that much lighter, we say, “Thank you!”

To those who think they may like to get involved, we welcome you with open arms! Contact us at We’ll definitely find the something for you that will fit like a glove!


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