Oromocto High School Education Team, National Inclusive Education Award Recipients for 2021

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Oromocto High School Education Team

Lesley Carr, Beverley White, Greg Keezer, Kelly Breen, Joy Belyea, Dan Steeves, and Jenny Fawcett – all educators at Oromocto High School – believe in their students’ abilities to be valued and contributing members of the community after they graduate, and they go above and beyond for their students, making sure they have goals and plans for their future. They endeavour to make sure that all students, regardless of ability, have clear education and transition goals during and after their time at OHS.

The team tailors their supports to ensure they are best meeting their students’ needs. Past examples have included mindfulness activities, exploring opportunities for students to become more independent in a safe environment, and “thinking outside of the box” to find a solution that fits the needs of each individual.

This group of educators believes in all of their students and the importance of transition planning so each student has the supports they need to transition into employment, post-secondary education, and/or community life after graduation.

Their effort in creating an accessible learning environment has impacted the students and their families, who speak highly of these educators. They work to ensure that, regardless of challenges, particularly those of the pandemic, students have access to any supports and resources they need to reach their potential.

The team keeps a watchful perspective on student coursework or struggles that need to be addressed. They have a person-centred approach that aims to build the capacity, confidence, and independence of all their students. They have great communication skills, often making hard conversations easier and bringing new perspectives forward. Their determination in each student achieving success has proven them to be exceptional leaders in inclusive education. 

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