Pauline Cormier, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2021

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Pauline Cormier

As a resource teacher at École Anna-Malenfant in Dieppe, Pauline Cormier supports teachers to include all students in the classroom among their peers.

In the case of one particular student, Pauline has left no stone unturned to provide what is needed for the student to grow and develop his independence. Now in grade four, the student has been attending the school since kindergarten, at a time when he communicated without words and was learning to walk. The student has been supported by Pauline since third grade, and upon their introduction, she immediately began taking steps to help the student become more independent and participate in school life. With the help of the school district, Pauline obtained financial aid to hire a multi-disciplinary group of specialists to support the student, including a speech therapist, occupational therapist, and a physiotherapist.

Pauline has also supported the student to find a group of friends so he is included among his peers. During recess and lunch, he spends time with his friends. Thanks to the supports Pauline has procured for him, the student is learning to make verbal requests, get dressed, keep his space tidy, and play outside.

Supporting all students to reach their full potential is more than a job for Pauline – she truly cares about her students and is dedicated to their success.

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