Robin Buchanan, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2020

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Robin Buchanan, Physical Education Teacher at Oromocto High School in Oromocto

A leader and innovator in inclusion at his school, Robin has made the gym space into a welcoming safe space for students of all abilities. Students have been given the skills and knowledge to use the gym safely and appropriately, and Robin has made some instructional videos with Para New Brunswick for sledge hockey and wheelchair basketball. He has also led the introduction of a Unified Basketball team – an inclusive sports program created by Special Olympics for students of all abilities.

Robin is an inspiration to students, parents, and teachers, but most importantly, he inspires the community of Oromocto to be more inclusive. He seeks opportunities to develop a more inclusive learning environment, and is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed to physical literacy and health for all. As a physical education teacher, he uses his knowledge and skills to conduct integrated classes where all students can participate. He works collaboratively with multiple inclusive sports organizations by bringing in experts to help elevate student engagement and skills.

He is regularly seen in the hallways, or out in the community, engaging with students. He provides opportunities for all students to demonstrate their talents and skills, and he has an innate understanding of acknowledging an individual’s dignity. He is a great role model for teachers at Oromocto High School and in the district.  

Robin’s role as an inclusive physical education teacher has changed the gym space to a welcoming, safe space where everyone can develop their physical health and well-being, giving students skills and knowledge to use equipment and interact in the gym appropriately and safely.

His positivity, enthusiasm, and leadership in providing an accepting and inclusive environment for all students led the introduction of Special Olympics’ Unified Basketball Program at the school. Spearheaded by Robin, they have recruited over 15 coaches and 25 students to join the team where student athletes work collaboratively developing skills and partnerships while recognizing the talents of all athletes.

Throughout Robin’s career as an educator, he has enthusiastically welcomed everyone into his teaching sphere by being a thoughtful and caring person, skilled educator and a champion of physical literacy and health for all. As an exemplary role model, he has set the bar high for everyone in the Oromocto High School community. He has inspired teachers and community members, and helped develop numerous opportunities for positive relationships to be fostered based on mutual respect.

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