Sarah Dobbelsteyn and Kimberlee Dixon, National Inclusive Education Award Recipients for 2021

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Sarah Dobbelsteyn and Kimberlee Dixon

Sarah Dobbelsteyn and Kimberlee Dixon, lead educator and administrator, respectively, of Seawood Early Childcare Centre, have created an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes all children. The educators work as a support system for the children, focusing on how they can accommodate them. When facing challenges, the educators strategize to find solutions to success for the children and staff.

Seawood opened during the beginning of the pandemic, supporting the children of essential workers while most childcare centres closed. The centre developed a strong reputation for showcasing inclusive practices and the educators worked to ensure every child had the resources needed to be successful.

Sarah and Kimberlee rework old ideas into new ways to provide success to the children, going as far as rebuilding classrooms and shuffling educators to accommodate their needs. Thinking outside of the box, the pair try all ideas and strategies until a solution is found.

Their nomination spoke of their positive outlook and dedication – their attitudes, language, and approach always remained person-centred, welcoming and solution-focused.

Sarah and Kimberlee are strong believers that all behaviour is a form of communication and when a child is struggling, they focus on what the child is trying to communicate. The educators work to remain calm, positive, and respectful of the situation and focus on how they can safely and appropriately support the child and meet their needs.

The educators are attuned to their classrooms and staff, showing strong leadership in problem solving and support. Their dedication, motivation, and kind spirits have been pillars of the inclusivity that exists at Seawood Childcare Centre.

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