Sheryl Titus, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2020

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Sheryl Titus, After-school & Summer Camp Director at QPlex in Quispamsis 

Focusing on the strengths and potential of all children, Sheryl has worked hard to create an inclusive, supportive community. She has welcomed children that were not accepted at other centres, created a sensory room to allow children to decompress, and sets requirements for mandatory regular professional development, ensuring that all QPlex educators are up-to-date with the best inclusive practices for the children they support.

Sheryl is accepting of all children, and is committed to doing what it takes to accommodate their needs. Leadership and educators help the children showcase their strengths, helping them develop a real sense of belonging.

Sheryl has advocated for structural changes to the building to accommodate a child in a wheelchair, and has ensured the removal of all magnetic materials to accommodate the safety protocol for a child with serious health conditions. When one child required a quiet space to decompress, Sheryl turned a space within the centre into a sensory room for all children to use to thrive at the QPlex.

Sheryl’s role in advocating for and supporting children at her centre goes beyond their time in her programming. She joins school case conferences to support families advocating for their children and offers valuable feedback on strategies with which she has experienced success. The QPlex has also hired their own Behaviour Support Lead to offer resources, strategies, tools and support to best support the needs of the children in their care.

Sheryl accepts all children no matter how high their support needs are, and together with the rest of the team is always willing to make every effort to make it work. When they run into issues they come together as a team to reflect, adapt, and ensure they exhaust all options and resources to help the child be successful. Under Sheryl’s leadership, the QPlex team has grown into an enthusiastic group of inclusive education champions.

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