Steven Austin, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2020

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Steven Austin, Carpentry Instructor at NBCC Moncton

Over the years, Steven has supported many students with a disability in the carpentry program at NBCC Moncton. He pays close attention to each student’s strengths and uses these strengths to develop higher levels of practical learning, while treating all students with dignity and respect.

Steven is an excellent advocate for all students and always fosters a positive atmosphere of belonging and respect both in and out of the classroom, and has shown that he is willing to go above and beyond in demonstrating a strong leadership role for inclusive education. He attends sessions to gain knowledge and skills to support students with accessibility requirements. Steven also shares this information with other instructors and provides ongoing support and feedback when they have questions about supporting students with a disability in their own classrooms.

Steven reaches out to the learning strategists at NBCC whenever he has questions about how he can better support students in his class who require accessibility services. He also provides support to mentors, interpreters and tutors both in and out of his classroom.

Prior to his career at NBCC, he was accepting and inclusive in the construction industry, often taking on students with a disability for their practicums. His ability to work inclusively with students ultimately led to his employment as an instructor with NBCC Moncton 12 years ago.

During his career at NBCC, Steven has changed the path for many students accepted through the Special Admissions program with a caring and compassionate approach. He has become not only a great instructor, but a kind and thoughtful advocate for all students. Steven is constantly creating new and creative teaching strategies, and he has an uncanny and intuitive ability to assess progress in ways that don’t mean a mark on a student transcript.

Steve demonstrates time and again that he is a motivated instructor who always encourages every student to do their best. He sees the unlimited potential in every student and will go the extra mile to ensure they have every opportunity to realize their educational and employment goals.

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