Students at École Les Éclaireurs, National Inclusive Education Award Recipient for 2020

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Students at École Les Éclaireurs, Fredericton

Whether it’s leaving the front seats of the school bus empty for those who need them, older kids reading to younger students requiring help, or finding ways to communicate with learners who don’t use words, students at École Les Éclaireurs are a living example of inclusive education.

They instinctively include all kids in the school without judgment, regardless of their challenges or needs. In physical education classes, for example, students help their peers with special needs by taking the time to show them what they need to do and helping them through transitions. The students are open-minded and always willing to set a good example and lend a hand.

They demonstrate empathy, generosity, respect, an open mind, creativity, inclusiveness and responsibility on a daily basis. During the school year, students are made aware of and participate in various theme days on differences. They are also naturally inclusive in their games and come to the defence of peers with needs when made aware of them. Students make sure that everyone is included and gets to eat lunch with their classmates.

“I see our students caring for their peers on a daily basis,” says Charline Mazerolle, learning support teacher. “I see many gestures that demonstrate that our students are embracing humanistic values that help build an increasingly inclusive world.”

In cooperation with the parent-student community, the school adopted a mission, vision and values a year ago. Autonomy, open-mindedness, respect, mutual aid, empathy and the entrepreneurial spirit were chosen as values for the school. One of those values is featured each month. Teachers present it to students and discuss with them the actions that flow from it. Over a period of months, all students get involved and take concrete steps that demonstrate how the value is essential to making their school inclusive. Finally, there’s a general assembly, organized and facilitated by students and administration. A number of students in the school who have demonstrated the featured value of the month in their daily actions are highlighted in a special way and receive a certificate of recognition for the good deeds that make their school an inclusive one.

At École Les Éclaireurs, inclusive education is a way of life and all students are included.

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