Accessing Disability Supports

Access to disability supports such as respite, technical supports, a home support worker and assistive devices and equipment can make a big difference in the lives of people with a disability. NBACL works with individuals and their families to develop and implement a plan for supporting a person with a disability.

Access to Disability Supports

NBACL takes a “person-centred” approach to supporting people with a disability, meaning that we work to ensure that the supports fit the person, instead of the person fitting the supports. We do this through “Independent Facilitation.”


Disability Supports for Children and Youth

NBACL assists families of children and youth with an intellectual disability to connect to government programs and services such as the Family Supports for Children with Disabilities program.


Learning Opportunities

NBACL offers an array of education, training and resources to families, professionals, service providers and others who support children and adults with an intellectual disability.


Statement on Web Accessibility

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