Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education means that all students are valued and supported to participate fully in every aspect of school or campus life from instruction to extra-curricular activities. It means that students are supported to express their gifts, talents and abilities and are given equal opportunities to participate together with their age-appropriate peers, from prior-to-school to post-secondary education.

Early Learning

NBACL works with Early Learning and Childcare professionals to ensure that all children, including children with an intellectual disability and/or an additional need have the right supports for bright futures.


Kindergarten to Grade 12

NBACL works with policy makers, educators, parents, school district staff and others to enhance inclusion in schools so that children with an intellectual disability are not excluded from educational and social opportunities.


Post-Secondary Education

Since 2001, NBACL has worked in collaboration with CCNB-NBCC to help high school students and young adults with intellectual disabilities to attend college and receive formal job skills.


Learning Opportunities

NBACL offers an array of education, training and resources to families, professionals, service providers and others who support children and adults with an intellectual disability.


Statement on Web Accessibility

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