Ready, Willing and Able to Work

In New Brunswick at least 70% of adults with an intellectual disability are either unemployed or underemployed, however, many people with an intellectual disability are ready, willing and able to work. With the right opportunities and supports, people with an intellectual disability have many contributions to make to New Brunswick’s workforce and employers have much to gain from this often overlooked segment of our population. NBACL’s Ready, Willing and Able to work program aims to change this trend.

Increasing employment for persons with an intellectual disability

Thanks to Ready, Willing and Able (RWA), a national initiative by the Canadian Association for Community Living and the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance, engaging employers and raising awareness about the value of hiring people with disabilities has helped to change the hiring practices of Canadian employers.



NBACL works in the area of assisting people with an intellectual disability in the transition from school to adult life which also includes helping them acquire a job in the regular workforce.


Transition to Work (Work Life After High School)

Transition Planning is a process that helps students with an intellectual disability prepare for life after High School. This Program helps students identify and learn ways to achieve their goals.


Learning Opportunities

NBACL offers an array of education, training and resources to families, professionals, service providers and others who support children and adults with an intellectual disability.


Statement on Web Accessibility

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