Circle of Support

Personal support networks are an important aspect of planning for a safe and secure future for people with disabilities. A network is a group of people who care about a person to the extent that they will commit to being involved in the person’s life on a regular basis.

Networks of support can play many different roles, including the following:

  • Help the person and the family to make decisions and plans for the future;
  • Make sure that the person’s voice is heard;
  • Provide companionship, enter into a relationship and have fun;
  • Provide practical support;
  • Help manage supports and money; and
  • Advocate with service systems and address issues that may arise.

Social Inclusion facilitators help with establishing and maintaining a personal support networks for individuals with an intellectual disability who are A) living with a senior parent and/or B) planning to move into a home of their own. Social Inclusion Facilitators do this by:

  • Inviting prospective network members;
  • Facilitating (taking notes, arranging transportation, prepare and organize an agenda) network meetings;
  • Identifying roles for people in the network; and
  • Keeping the network going well into the Future.

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