Community Participation

Social Inclusion Facilitators can help with connections to community by identifying ways for young adults (ages 17 and over) and adults with an intellectual disability to become involved.

Whether it is through sports, clubs, faith groups, hobby groups, or volunteerism, Social Inclusion Facilitators in your area can help to make those connections happen. Social Inclusion Facilitators do this by:

  • Learning about interests and goals of a person with an intellectual disability;
  • Introducing the person to an individual, group or organization that suits his or her interests; and
  • Providing information and support to groups and organizations to ensure that the person feels welcome and encouraged to fully participate.

When the initial connection is made, the individual and the group should have the information they need to continue their connection together, without the involvement of the Social Inclusion facilitator.

Helpful Links to Other Websites

150 Years of Inclusion eBook

This timeline ebook was created to introduce the history and evolution of the Community Living movement in New Brunswick. Within the ebook you will see the various progressions of understanding surrounding New Brunswickers who have an intellectual disability. This understanding begins in the 1850s and continues through to 2017. This is a collection of historical documents, photos, images and videos. In 1957, the New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL), a provincial nonprofit, was created to support individuals with an intellectual disability to be fully included in all aspects of New Brunswick society. Within this ebook you will also find the history and evolution of NBACL. Senior parents who formed the Community Living movement share their stories about how exclusion and segregation impacted their families and why they chose to fight for their children to be included in society. This timeline will help us understand the treatment and policies regulating the lives of those with an intellectual disability and their families as well as see how NBACL progressed and grew over the last 60 years.

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