Home Life

Supported living is about people having choice, a decent and secure home, personalized supports, and opportunities to develop relationships and participate in the broader community in which they live.

NBACL Social Inclusion facilitators have a number of important roles in helping people plan for and live in a home of their own through a supported living arrangement. These include helping people:

  • Identify where and with whom they want to live and the supports that will be required to establish and maintain a supported living arrangement;
  • Recruit and screen for private support providers (this may include live in roommates, neighbours,
    hourly paid support workers, etc.);
  • Identify and secure other supports, including technologies and accommodations that allow people to live with more independence, or to have the ability to request support when it is required; and
  • Identify opportunities for adequate and affordable housing, including facilitating access to government housing programs if necessary.

Social Inclusion facilitators provide ongoing monitoring of supported living arrangements to help to ensure a person’s safety and the adequacy of supports in the home and provide assistance should an emergency arise.


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