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Lack of physical activity has long been an issue for persons with an intellectual disability. This is due, in large part, to the lack of opportunities presented to these individuals in the areas of recreation, active living and volunteerism. They have been excluded from programs and activities, to a great degree, due to the inability of recreation service providers to adapt their programs to enable individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to actively participate in a meaningful and sustained way. This has led to individuals feeling isolated and unwelcome and left them as mere bystanders while their non-disabled peers actively participate. It has also led to health issues and makes them more susceptible to non communicable diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular problems.

NBACL, through the Inclusive Recreation Program, seeks to address these issues by breaking down barriers, connecting individuals to recreation and active living opportunities in their communities and training staff and volunteers to accommodate individuals with varying levels of ability within recreation programs, groups, organizations and recreational school activities.

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Inclusive Recreation Program are to; (i) advocate and support persons with an intellectual disability to participate in meaningful recreation, leisure and volunteer activities of their choice; (ii) to develop meaningful friendships and; (iii) to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. In keeping with these goals, the NBACL has established clear objectives, which will help to achieve our goals.

  • To facilitate the inclusion of persons with an intellectual disability in community recreation, sport and leisure activities of their choice, to help develop meaningful friendships and active living opportunities. This will enhance their opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • To enhance community development and participation through knowledge and training in the areas of recreation and leisure for persons with intellectual disabilities, throughout New Brunswick
  • To establish an effective network in cooperation with local Association for Community Living , provincial recreation committee’s, municipal recreation service-providers, parent support groups, and other recreation groups or agencies, to better facilitate inclusive recreation opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities, throughout New Brunswick
  • To increase and enhance leadership potential for persons with intellectual disabilities throughout New Brunswick
  • To increase the opportunities of persons with intellectual disabilities to obtain meaningful friendships and relationships.

Recreation Committee

The following are members of the Recreation New Brunswick Inclusive Recreation Committee:

  • Gregory Cutler
  • Barry Freeze
  • Connie Melanson-Savoy
  • Dianne Jean
  • Micheline Comitz
  • Michelle Horncastle
  • Nadine Melanson-Leblanc
  • Amy Murray
  • Kristine Johnston
  • John Burns

Access Fund

Could you or someone you know, use some support to get active in your community? If so, check this out!

Recreation New Brunswick, in partnership with the Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, is excited to announce a new project called the Provincial Recreation Access Fund Program. Our goal is to increase active living opportunities for people with disabilities in New Brunswick. We want to help reduce those financial barriers that limit people from achieving a healthy lifestyle.

How? People with disabilities can apply for funding from The Provincial Recreation Access Fund Program to help cover activity related expenses. Want to join a gym, or aqua size class? We can help with registration fees. Want to attend a summer camp or after school program? We can pay for that as well! We’ll even help you with some of your equipment and transportation needs too! In fact, we can cover expenses for just about anything, as long as the activity is “ACTIVE”, and not just a “one-time thing”. All you need to do is fill out an application form and submit it to Recreation New Brunswick. It’s that simple.

For more information about this program contact Recreation New Brunswick or visit the following website:

Online Learning Modules

Social Inclusion Through Recreation

Increasingly, our society is recognizing the value of social inclusion in the lives of all of us. New Brunswick has recently made a new law known as the Economic and Social Inclusion Act. While primarily focused on reducing poverty, this new law recognizes that economic and social exclusion has a negative impact on people’s well […]

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