Social Inclusion

Social inclusion is about having a sense of belonging in our communities and real opportunities to live where we choose, develop relationships, and participate in community life.

Through NBACL’s Social Inclusion program, we support adults with an intellectual disability to be included in their community by: having a home of their own (with the support they require); developing strong personal support; and by becoming involved in recreation, leisure and volunteer activities that match their interests and choices. This program is available to people with an intellectual disability aged 17 and older. The Social Inclusion Program is available in 5 areas: Fredericton, Moncton, Grand Falls/Edmundston, Saint John and Bathurst.


The Role of the Social Inclusion Facilitator

A Social Inclusion Facilitator is an employee of NBACL who assists people in the program to achieve their goals for living and participating in the community. The facilitator works to assist people (and their families) to:

  • Identify what they want to do;
  • Plan for ways to make things happen, and
  • Implement and monitor someone’s plan

A facilitator acts as a “bridge” to community life for people who become involved in the program. A facilitator, however, is not a “support worker” who is responsible for providing day-to-day personal assistance (support workers may also be involved, depending on the specific needs of the person).

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