Thank-you for a Great Year!

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On behalf of the families and individuals we support as well as the NBACL Board of Directors, I would like to say a heartfelt thank-you for supporting us in 2015.

The list of people to thank for helping us change lives and communities is long, but I will try my best to mention all of those who have made a positive and lasting impact in the lives of children and adults with an intellectual disability and their families. They include volunteers, committee members, donors, inclusive employers, educators, para professionals, health professionals, project partners, provincial and municipal government members, civil servants, community stakeholders, NBACL partner organizations, support agencies, members of our Giving Society, and community members throughout New Brunswick who acted on their conviction to make their home towns and cities places where everyone is valued as contributing members of society.

And of course we want to thank families. Simply put, you are the cornerstone of our work. Your passion and commitment to your sons, daughters, sisters and brothers is infectious and is the driving force that inspires our staff to strive for excellence on your behalf.

Finally, I want to thank some very important people who have an active and powerful voice in the Community Living Movement – self-advocates and members of NB People First, who demand nothing less than equality, respect, and fair opportunities to participate fully in every aspect of community life. Thank you for your voice and for changing common misperceptions about disability. You are some of the most influential people in the Community Living movement and we thank you for your many contributions.
We look forward to your continued support as we build on our progress in 2016 together.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and an inclusive New Year,

Dianne Cormier Northrup
President, NBACL

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