The Canada-New Brunswick Housing Benefit

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The Canada-New Brunswick Housing Benefit is a short-term benefit of up to three years. It helps New Brunswick families with children who work part-time or at lower-paying jobs who are struggling to afford rent. Families with children have additional costs for shelter, food, clothing, childcare, and transportation. These costs can prevent parents from working more hours or looking for a new job. This new benefit provides short-term help with rent so participants can address these additional costs and increase their earned income.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • They live and work in New Brunswick.
  • They must be a parent with primary custody of a child or children under 19 or of one or more dependents with a disability, 19 or older.
  • They rent where they live.
  • They do not receive a housing subsidy from the Department of Social Development.
  • They are working and earn a minimum of $14,200 per year and a maximum of $38,000 before tax household employment income. Note: This is the combined before tax employment income of all adults over 19 living in the home.
  • Their income is reported to Canada Revenue Agency.
  • They are the only person in the household applying for and receiving this benefit.

Applications can be made online or by mail. There are detailed instructions available online.

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