The challenge is great – we need your help! Week 1

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As we near the end of March we find ourselves faced with a financial gap in our programs that can and will affect those that need us most.

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Although we are faced with this huge challenge, over the past year, some very exciting things have happened at NBACL:

-We were able to work with over 300 families in our family support program-connecting them to information and get the supports and services they need.

-Even though 75% of people with an intellectual disability are unemployed the young men and women that took part in our Transition to Work Program graduated with 75% obtaining work.

-The Inclusive Education program worked with 20 schools across our province and provided training to educators, support staff and administrators.Thermometer_Progress_Post 1

Simply put:

Our families want to be strong and live good lives. NBACL needs your help.

Our graduates want to work. NBACL needs your help.

Our students want to learn and grow. NBACL needs your help.

Our teachers want their students to belong. NBACL needs your help.

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NBACL is faced with a challenge that is overwhelming.   We have a financial gap of $65,000 in our programs which needs to be closed by March 31st.  If the gap is not closed, we will lose two positions that are vital to the families and individuals in our province from the Family Support team and Inclusive Education team. With the current teams not able to meet the demand for support from families, individuals, and communities, we can’t even imagine having to cut back on what we are currently able to provide. But that is our reality. We desperately need your help.

Over the next 5 weeks, we will be sharing with you short stories from individuals who have received support from NBACL, and the impact this support has made. These are individuals who want to work, learn and grow, and with the support of our organization, we have been able to make this happen. We need to be able to continue to provide this support, and we need your help so the support does not stop.

Please give generously, as together we can change lives and change communities.

Thank you

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Krista Carr, Executive Director

P.S. – Please share this message with friends and colleagues.

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