The Path Forward

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As we begin a new year, we are well underway in embarking on our work in supporting individuals and families to live a good life. We are also working with governments and communities, employers and educators to ensure that every person has the opportunities and supports to engage and participate fully in every aspect of community life.
The direction of our work is guided by a voluntary Board of Directors, parents, self-advocates, professionals and others who want to advance the Community Living movement. Every five years the NBACL Board works to develop a Strategic Plan. In November of 2015, the NBACL Board announced a new 2015-2020 plan that sets a clear vision for our work. This comprehensive plan was developed in consultation with individuals whom we support, their families, professionals, staff members and others. We are happy to share some highlights with you.


Changing Lives

Goal 1: Families are knowledgeable of and have access to supports they require for their family member at all stages of life.
Goal 2: Individuals have access to the opportunities and supports needed to do “real work for real pay”.
Goal 3: Individuals have the personal supports and resources they need to live independently in the manner of their choice.
Goal 4: Individuals have real opportunities & supports to develop and pursue relationships with individuals and groups in their communities.


Changing Communities

Goal 1: New Brunswickers understand who NBACL is by whom it represents, what it does and the importance of inclusive communities.
Goal 2: New Brunswick employers are champions of inclusive workplaces.
Goal 3: New Brunswickers with an intellectual disability have access to support and services where they live.
Goal 4: NBACL is an active partner with New Brunswick schools at the local level to facilitate inclusion.


Defending Rights

Goal 1: The province of New Brunswick is meeting the principals and standards outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Goal 2: Early Learning, Kindergarten to grade 12 and Post-Secondary education systems are inclusive and accountable.
Goal 3: Access to Supports – People with an intellectual disability and their families throughout NB have appropriate and adequate access to supports.
Goal 4: Access to Health Care – Individuals with an intellectual disability have appropriate and adequate access to health care including mental health.
Goal 5: People with an intellectual disability are supported to work and live free from poverty on an equal basis with others.

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